6-inch eavestrough

//6-inch eavestrough

6-inch eavestrough


6-inch eavestrough

Numerous decisions must be taken before you can setup your eavestrough system. For example, you need to decide a size, materials, and a style in advanced.

When it comes to size, options range between 5, 6, and 7-inch eavestroughs, with 6-inch eavestroughs being the most popular size for residential areas.

At Protech Aluminum, we understand that every project is different, and needs to be assessed. Nevertheless, in most instances, we recommend 6-inch eavestroughs for multiple reasons:

  • Water capacity: 6-inch eavestroughs hold more water, which makes them a feasible option for homes and commercial establishments.
  • Protection for your Fascia Board: a 6-inch eavestrough can cover the entire face of that fascia board. In contrast, a 5-inch eavestrough leaves a small 1.5-to-2-inch piece of fascia board exposed which must be painted every three to five years. As a result, by using a 6-inch eavestrough, you will not have to paint your fascia board.
  • Easier to maintain: 6-inch eavestroughs gives you a good amount of space to easily clean any debris, leaves, or anything else your eavestrough system may contain. This is not the case on 5-inch eavestroughs, as there is less space to operate.

If you believe your house needs a bigger eavestrough, the next step would be to measure your roof. Why? Because larger roofs benefit from a larger eavestrough. Furthermore, measuring your roof would allow us to make an accurate recommendation.

However, please be aware that measuring your roof is a very dangerous task. Do not measure it yourself, and trust Protech Aluminum. We are licensed professionals with the proper insurance, and equipment to get the job done for you.

Need a contractor for the eavestrough services? Feel free to contact us.

Thinking of improving the eavestrough system of your home, then look no further than Protech Aluminum. Our mission is to repair, clean or install eavestrough systems. In Protech Aluminum, we provide eavestrough system services in the Kitchener and Waterloo area. If you are currently facing issues with your system, do not hesitate to contact us. Get a free quote here https://ptaluminum.ca/contact/ or contact us via email at protechaluminum@yahoo.ca