Commercial Eavestroughs Kitchener Waterloo

//Commercial Eavestroughs Kitchener Waterloo

Commercial Eavestroughs Kitchener Waterloo


Commercial Eavestroughs

Eavestroughs can be defined as what can be seen attached to the eaves of a building or a house. Furthermore, eavestroughs diminish water damages to a building or house by draining water from the roof.

At Protech Aluminum, we have many years of experience installing eavestroughs in commercial properties within the Kitchener, and Waterloo area. We enjoy working with our customers until we find the best possible solution for their commercial property. Additionally, we offer discounts in commercial properties (contact us via email for more information

6-inch Eavestroughs

For commercial properties, the necessities are bigger (compared to a house property). As a result, we suggest considering the use of 6-inch eavestroughs.

The 6-inch eavestrough can handle more water. Furthermore, it could be installed with a slightly smaller number of downspouts (when compared to a 5-inch eavestrough).

Are you still in doubt on the eavestrough size? Contact us, and we can certainly help you decide the correct size. The golden rule for the size of the eavestrough is to use larger eavestroughs on all metal, tile, and large low sloping hip roofs.

Why Choose Protech Aluminum for Your Commercial Eavestroughs?

Using an experience company such as Protech Aluminum has multiple benefits such as:

  • We provide high-quality work: we are experts at installing eavestroughs at commercial properties.
  • A highly skilled staff: our staff is very respectful, WSIB Insured, and we have a liability insurance of 2 million.
  • Pricing: we provide competitive prices while using high-quality materials on your commercial property.

Need a contractor for your commercial eavestrough services? Feel free to contact us.

At Protech Aluminum, our goal is to repair, clean or install eavestrough systems. We provide commercial eavestrough services in the Kitchener and Waterloo area. Get a free quote here or contact us via email at