What is an Eavestrough?

//What is an Eavestrough?

What is an Eavestrough?

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What is an Eavestrough?

An Eavestrough can be defined as what can be seen attached to the eaves of a building or a house. Moreover, the eavestrough system helps avoid water damages to your building or house by draining water from the roof.

Interested in installing or repairing your eavestrough? If so, it is crucial to know the quality of the materials, and the company providing the installation of the eavestrough system.

Our Eavestrough Services

At Protech Aluminium LTD, we provide our customers with a quality service. We proud ourselves in using the best material available, to ensure the correct functionality of your eavestrough system.

Eavestrough must be protected through the whole year but especially during the harsh Canadian winters that can be experienced in the Kitchener and Waterloo area. Our 5” and 6” seamless Eavestrough products are reinforced by the Alu-Rex gutter guard system that, beside keeping debris out of your gutter, withstand over 200 pounds per foot in addition of deflecting UV rays that can damage corner sealant over time.

T-Rex® Continuous Hanger™ System

It is a key part for your eavestrough system, as it provides a solid mount for the gutter (which provides a more solid and long-lasting system). Additionally, it is weatherproof against the damage that could be generated by snow or ice.


At Protech Aluminium LTD, we also provide maintenance for your system; one of the most important parts of your eavestrough system is to keep it clean so it can work as it is supposed to (divert water away from your home without any interruption).

If you own a one or two storey house in Kitchener Waterloo area feel free to contact us. We will keep you safe while we climb the ladder and take care of the eavestrough system.

Contact Us

In Protech Aluminum, we provide eavestrough system services in the Kitchener and Waterloo area. If you are currently facing issues with your system, do not hesitate to contact us. Get a free quote here https://ptaluminum.ca/contact/ or contact us via email at protechaluminum@yahoo.ca