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Protech Aluminum

At Protech Aluminum, we offer eavestrough in different sizes (5” & 6”), which would be rolled, and installed right in front of your property. We verify that our customers have enough downspouts. Furthermore, we verify that they are installed in the correct location.

New and functional eavestrough prolongs the life of the materials on the exterior of a house. Additionally, it is critical to keep water away from foundations, to reduce the risk of leaks (which could end up saving thousands off dollars).

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Protech Aluminum

Soffit and Fascia are very important on a house because they protect the wood from water, and rotting. At the same time, they provide a great finish to a house. Furthermore, they also keep animals away (e.g. birds, squirrels, and raccoons).

Soffit helps with the ventilation of the attic by reducing the possibility of moisture buildup. Best of all, there are many colors to choose from to match the existing elements of your property.


Protech Aluminum

Proper capping and caulking for windows and doors are a must have since they will give maximum life to a house. Furthermore, they will keep water out of the house.

At Protech Aluminum, we are very proud to be using Alu-rex Leaf Guards. Why? very simple, we only use the best. For the past 15-20 years, we have installed just about every Leaf Guard on the market. Experience has shown us that Alu-rex is by far, the best. Consequently, we no longer install any other product.

Regardless of the service that you require, we will assist you in choosing the best colors, and materials for your house.


Protech Aluminum

At Protech Aluminum, we have been serving Oxford County, Brant County, and the Region of Waterloo for the past 20 years.

Our team is very experienced at providing multiple services such as: Eavestroughs, Soffit, Fascia Siding, Eaves – Trough Leaning, Leaf Guards, Downspout extensions, Aluminum Railings, Aluminum Capping, Caulking, and much more.

At Protech Aluminum, every installer is very professional, and experienced. Furthermore, our professionals are committed in providing a service that will make you proud of choosing us. Our job may be dangerous, but we take safety very seriously to guarantee your project goes smoothly.