What is the difference between Eavestrough and Gutter?

//What is the difference between Eavestrough and Gutter?

What is the difference between Eavestrough and Gutter?

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What is the difference between eavestrough and gutter?

Eavestrough can be defined as an open piece of pipe that is attached to the edge of a roof to carry rainwater away. The term could be easier to understand by breaking it down into separate words. Eave is a section of a roof that extends over a wall to create a lane for the water to go through while avoiding damage to the wall. An eavestrough is attached to the outer lane of the eave to collect rainwater. For that reason, the name eavestrough.

How is that different from a gutter?

The word gutter is a more generic term, its essence the gutter refers to any repository for an overflow. Gutter could be a more common term for an eavestrough. Gutter is also used as a short version of the word eavestrough. They are both virtually the same.

There is more meaning for a gutter, such is an area where something is stored and that a resource flow into. For example, a gutter along the street.

Meanwhile an eavestrough is specifically used for the edge of a roof to collect and redirect rainwater.

Is it easy to get confused between both? (eavestrough and gutter)

Of course, people can get confused between both words. Often the confusion is driven by lack of understanding of the fundamentals of both words. When someone refers to an eavestrough and someone else refers to a gutter. Depending on the regions, they could be easily misunderstood. When referring to an eavestrough it is specifically used for a structure attached to the edge of a roof. Attached to the eave of a house. While the gutter has multiple meanings that refers to a repository (for the most part gutters runs alongside of the road instead of alongside a roof).


Certainly, both ‘eavestrough’ and ‘gutter’ are universal terms.  People could end up in a word definition dilemma but to put it simple just make sure to use the right term according to the area you are located in.

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